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     In recent years, the market of international air cargo transportation has developed by leaps-and-bounds. The future global transportation market belongs to those who provide more efficient and cost saving transport solutions. Therefore, LinkGlobal has proposed “Urumqi Rail-Air Project” which helps exporters to reduce the logistics cost dramatically.
1.      Cargo gathered to Urumqi (URC) by rail
2.      Transported by Air charter from URC to Parchim in Germany (SZW) or Dubai (DXB) in U.A.E
3.      Distributed from Parchim & Dubai to the rest Europe, M&E, CIS and Africa
4.      Lower cost & higher transit effectiveness and efficiency
5.      Less pollution & environment-friendly
    With this solution, cargo from the rest of China are gathered by rail at Urumqi and then loaded onto wide-body freighters from Urumqi to Parchim (SZW) in Germany or Dubai (DXB) in U.A.E. The total transit time is within 7 days. Land-carriage, air-express and ocean shipping can later be applied on distribution from DXB and SZW to Middle East, CIS, Africa and Europe.
    We also provide services of direct charter from URC to any destinations…..








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